Saturday, March 26, 2016

Cult Member Beck Decides Who A Christian Is

  Highly eccentric radio yakker Glenn Beck now claims that "no real Christian" can vote for Trump. A screwball heretic like Beck has no right to judge Christians on any level, since he belongs to an odd 19th Century cult that  believes:

When True believers go to heaven they can become gods someday.

A supplement to the Bible was given to an alleged prophet by an angel in upstate New York and God gave him "magic spectacles" in order to read it.

Pious believers must wear special underwear to please God.

The dead can be baptised

True believers must attend secret rites.

The American Indians are really Jews.

  I have known a few Mormons over the years and have gotten along with them. They are, however, the last people in the world to which I would go to for spiritual advice. Christians can vote for Donald Trump with a clear conscience. Like many professed Christians, Mr. Trump isn't particularly devout. He is not a serious student of the Bible and his divorces wouldn't pass muster with most orthodox Christian denominations. Still, "The Donald" proudly self-identifies as a Christian and has promised to be a Christian-friendly ruler. That, for me, is enough. We see many examples of Christian-friendly rulers in the world today who are nominal Christians or non-believers.. Look at Vladimir Putin. He is certainly not a model of Eastern Orthodox piety, but he has elevated the role of the church in Russia and even banned subjecting children to pro-homosexual propaganda. Bashir al-Assad, the leader of Syria, will literally kill anyone that harms Christians even though he himself is an Alawite Muslim. On the other hand, Obama is a member in good standing of the United Church of Christ, but certainly no holder of Christian values of any sort. Give me a nominal Christian that respects the church over a hostile self-hating Christian any day!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The New Moderate Republican/Movement Conservative Alliance

  News has just come over the wire that the scion of the Bush Crime family, "Low Energy" Jeb Bush has announced his endorsement of Ted Cruz for the office of president. Fusionist Movement Conservatism has finally reached the level of full decadence by allying itself with what used to be its greatest enemy.  I saw this coming. Just last week, I sat transfixed for an hour listening to mental midget Levantine radio yakker Mark Levin tell his listeners that the whole notion of tariffs had its origin in the Populist and Progressive Movements of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The seltzer drinking and Knish eating Levin forgot to mention that George Washington and most of the founding fathers were high tariff men. Unlike conservatives, I don't worship the founding fathers. Most of them were infected with Whiggery, freemasonry and Frenchy Philosophy, but they at least had the sense to know that nascent American industries needed protection from cheap European goods.

  The complete failure of Movement Conservatism to offer any resistance to the Marxist Nig-nog in Washington can be traced to identification with the American corporate world and its nabobs. They sold out to the Left  and the donor class many generations ago.The "Great-Crack-up" of 1989-1990 between the Neo-cons and the Paleo-cons resulted in the purging of most of the last decent people from the conservative movement and Neo-con dominance. If Cruz becomes president by stealing the election at the convention, watch for the Cubano to side-step his promises regarding illegal aliens. His new bosses won't permit him to stop the flow.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Beginning of the End of American Conservatism

  With the rise of the Trump movement, we are starting to see the beginning of the end of the old postwar American Conservative consensus. This consensus was the brainchild of political philosopher Frank S. Meyer and its main publicist was William F. Buckley Jr. Back then in the early 1950's it was called Fusionist Conservatism and its home was in the pages of the National Review. Fusionist Conservatism was the marriage of moderate elements of Libertarianism  to a, then, mainly Roman Catholic Traditionalism. The resulting ideology had its stresses and problems from the beginning. The then king of the Traditionalists,  Russell Kirk, saw many of the contradictions between the Traditionalists and the Libertarians whom he referred to as "chirping sectiaries". Still, Kirk was a fairly strong believer in Capitalism and stayed within the Fusionist fold, albeit with reservations.

   Well into the seventies and eighties the awkward alliance held. By the late seventies, on the purely intellectual level, the alliance was showing signs of strain. The first generation of conservative intellectuals began to die off or enter their dotage. They were largely replaced by Neo-Conservatives, a bunch of ex-Trotskyite Jews who caught religion of a kind with the rise of the State of Israel. The Neo-Cons promoted Nationalism, not White Nationalism but Israeli Nationalism. This development, along with the end of the Cold War began what was known in the late eighties as the Conservative Crack-Up, a minor rebellion that created a small movement called Paleo-Comservatism. The Paleos were mildly Nationalistic, traditionalist, sympathetic to the Old South, Isolationist, suspicious of big business and they loved the tariff. The main organ of the Paleos was Chronicles Magazine and its promoter on the political stage was Pat Buchanan. The Paleos never gained much traction among the conservative faithful, who were oblivious to some of the finer intellectual distinctions and stayed loyal to the Fusionist paradigm. Apart from the brilliant Samuel Francis, most of the Paleos had an aversion to political activism. The Neo-Con Jews kept a tight grip on the main organs and donors of Movement Conservatism. The Paleo rebellion was essentially defeated.

  What we are experiencing with this man Trump is a kind of revolution from the bottom. He was mildly anti-immigration and found this resonated with the voters. He wasn't a big tariff man, but felt that some of the "trade deals" were lopsided against the interests of American workers. His positions on these issues got a lot of working and lower-middle class voters excited. Donald J. Trump didn't found a movement, a movement found him. I am hopeful that the seeds of Euro-American renewal may now be sowed.