Saturday, March 26, 2016

Cult Member Beck Decides Who A Christian Is

  Highly eccentric radio yakker Glenn Beck now claims that "no real Christian" can vote for Trump. A screwball heretic like Beck has no right to judge Christians on any level, since he belongs to an odd 19th Century cult that  believes:

When True believers go to heaven they can become gods someday.

A supplement to the Bible was given to an alleged prophet by an angel in upstate New York and God gave him "magic spectacles" in order to read it.

Pious believers must wear special underwear to please God.

The dead can be baptised

True believers must attend secret rites.

The American Indians are really Jews.

  I have known a few Mormons over the years and have gotten along with them. They are, however, the last people in the world to which I would go to for spiritual advice. Christians can vote for Donald Trump with a clear conscience. Like many professed Christians, Mr. Trump isn't particularly devout. He is not a serious student of the Bible and his divorces wouldn't pass muster with most orthodox Christian denominations. Still, "The Donald" proudly self-identifies as a Christian and has promised to be a Christian-friendly ruler. That, for me, is enough. We see many examples of Christian-friendly rulers in the world today who are nominal Christians or non-believers.. Look at Vladimir Putin. He is certainly not a model of Eastern Orthodox piety, but he has elevated the role of the church in Russia and even banned subjecting children to pro-homosexual propaganda. Bashir al-Assad, the leader of Syria, will literally kill anyone that harms Christians even though he himself is an Alawite Muslim. On the other hand, Obama is a member in good standing of the United Church of Christ, but certainly no holder of Christian values of any sort. Give me a nominal Christian that respects the church over a hostile self-hating Christian any day!

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