Tuesday, August 9, 2016

I too have longed for a suitable Third-party in the US that could tackle our problems. For a brief period I was the Treasurer for the New Jersey Reform Party after the Reform Party was taken over by the Pat Buchananites. The Reform Party fell apart from having too many crabby malcontents and complainers who simply couldn't be led.

Right now, we have only two really serious third parties in the US with any real followings: The Libertarians and the Greens and it is unlikely that they will influence the result in any real way. I still think Trump is still the best choice. He has brought issues to the fore that ordinary Americans are interested in, like immigration and trade. Trump is not an idiot! When you have every Liberal journalist in the US and all the beltway establishment conservatives and all the moderate Republican types out to destroy you they will often succeed in making you look stupid out of sheer cunning and dishonesty. With that kind of opposition, its a tribute to Trump's sagacity that he is only behind 7 percentage points.

Time is getting short. If this Clinton woman wins, it appears the US will become a permanent Cultural Marxist authoritarian regime somewhat on the model of Republican Spain in the early 1930's, perhaps a decade after that we will become a totalitarian regime. 1st Amendment gone, 2nd Amendment gone, arbitrary arrest and detention, suppression of religion. These people we incorrectly call Liberals are filled with hate and resentment and will be happy to kill anybody that gets in their way.

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